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I have Intel 82815 Graphic Controller, I went to Intel’s Web Site, and it says this chipset drivers support OpenGL* and include a full OpenGL ICD, I have the latest driver, but games that requires OpenGL still won’t work!? :mad: :confused:

Here is all the info for this card:

The Intel® 82815 graphics controller supports the following:

3D Graphics Texturing Enhancements
Per Pixel Perspective Correction Texture Mapping
Tri-Linear Filtering
Texture Compositing
Texture Color Keying/Chroma Keying
Full Color Specular (3D H/W acceleration)
AGP4X upgradeable
2X increase in graphics bandwidth
Add-in Graphics Performance Adapter (GPA) card
Integrated 24-bit 230MHz RAMDAC
Gamma Corrected Video
DDC2B Compliant
2D Graphics
Up to 1600X1200 in 8-bit color at 85Hz refresh
Hardware Accelerated Functions
3D Graphics
Up to 1024X768 in 16-bit color at 85Hz refresh
API Support
Compatible with DirectX* 9.0, 8.x, and 7.x
Not all of the new features of DirectX 9.0 are supported.
Integrated Hardware Motion Compensation
Arithmetic Stretch BLT
Software DVD Support at 30 frames per second (fps), Full Screen
3D Visual Enhancements
16-tap Anisotropic Filtering
Flat and Gouraud Shading
MIP-mapping with Bilinear Filtering Eleven Levels of Detail
Color Alpha Blending for Transparency
Fogging and Atmospheric Effects
Specular Lighting
Backface Culling
TV Out Support
Traditional TV (NTSC and PAL)
Digital Flat Panel Displays, up to 1024x768 @60Hz
System bus support at 66MHz, 100MHz, and 133MHz
Display cache at 100/133MHz
Support for the Pentium® III, Pentium® II and Intel® Celeron® processors

Please Help!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Download some program to scan for what version of opengl you are running. Might be using the inbuilt (and poor) Microsoft version.

“I have the latest driver, but games that requires OpenGL still won’t work!?”

Because 815 is old and perhaps your games need newer hw?