Please help need support asap

Ok, i’m really not sure how to make this post or where to make it so I apologise if this is wrong in any way.

I recently stupidly deleted OpenGL from my system32. I’ve spent a few days looking for a re-download but none of them work i just need the direct download so i can add it back to system32 so i can continue playing minecraft. I’m only 16 so i have no clue about any of this to be honest and so i would appreciate any help. I run an extremely old laptop (Dell Latitude D630 but it has some tiny updated stuff on it) and so i believe the version i can only use is OpenGL 2.0 for minecraft 1.7.3 because above that you needs a new OpenGL but my gfx card isnt advanced enough for that.

my gfx card - Mobile Intel(R) Express 965 Chipset Family

Any help is so so appreciated for i do miss gaming already

P.S - I have tried restoring/resetting windows but i cant reset without the install disk for i dont have it and the restore doesnt go far back enough to bring back what i deleted.

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