Please help me

Please help me i have voodoo 3 3500+tv out
os: win XP
i need some drivers so
half-life will work
if someone know
replay this msg

You can either use D3D settings which work under winXP, or go HERE:-

to get an openGL one again, which will be faster!!

If anyone can help me get the Wolfenstein one to work PLEASE HELP ME!



Also try
BUT, most drivers for w2k and XP lack the TVout support of the V3 3500… so u gotta go through some drivers in order to get the TVout to work.
Games will work fine w/ the H.O.E. driver (on voodoofiles) or the G.O.D. driver (i think it’s on a different site, but don’t remember where)

P.S. I use the HOE driver w/ my V3 3000 on XP, and it works great, but again, the 3000 doesn’t have the TVout that 3500 has.