Please help me,

I went on a summer camp where i learned how to program in C++ and in basic openGL, when i got back(it was an overnight camp) i really wanted to learn more about this wonderful coding language of openGL. I bought a book by the openGl architecture review board. i was all set to start programming, except that i cannot figure out how to install openGL properly. I have a year old comp. with a decent graphics card and i can run either VB express edition or visual C++ Express edition.
please help, ive been trying to get this figured out for over 6 months. i need a guide or article that explains it for me, oh and im running windows xp.

thank you so much for your time and help


First off you need to make sure you have the OpenGL drivers installed.

These can be downloaded from the ATI or Nvidia website depending on the card you have.


For beginner programming see:

Or perhaps google for GLUT - it is a basic framework for beginers

To install opengl with extensions, you just have to install videocard drivers (Extended function are to be extracted via function pointers). If you are using Visual Studio, it has two libs you need: opengl32.lib and glu32.lib, and corresponding dlls.
You may find GLFW toolkit and read its user manual and reference manual, it will let you create OpenGL window in any format and control its event loop; this is the toolkit I like most.

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