PLEASE,HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I’m Dbdj.
I’m new at OpenGL Programming

I’m Searching for a plug-in or libraries that make easy to load and show on screen a 3DS file with OpenGL!!!

I’m going crazy!!!

Please, give me some helps!!!

try Crossroads 3D it’s a freeware lib, which is able to read/write lots of 3D file formats.

Yes, it’s good!!! But I need a C++ library which can open and display a 3DS File on screen in OpenGL!!!

I saw a quake3 lib, which you can include and have a game running in opengl. Sorry, but forgot the link.

What the hell!!!

I need it!
-thats the one i’ve been able to use

view3ds…dont have exact address…do a search on the net


i’ve also just begun OpenGL coding…so far i can load a 3ds of a heightmapped terrain made in 3dstudio and roam around in it…i need help texturing, collision detecting, special FX and stuff like that…since you’r beginning too…keep me posted if you learn stuff like that. My email is

Michael Steingberg: Please see if you can find that class on Quake 3 loading. It would solve a lot of problems I have with loading.

Thanks really a lot…