please help me with this

Can you help me to get rid of the error message:

unresolved external symbol _glePolyCylinder

If you don’t know glePolyCylinder, you can get it at
and show me how to make it running.

I need you help badly, thanks

Show us your compile and link lines.

i think an error like this is caused by not linking to a library or something. Maybe you haven’t included the library or header file.
Actually, i’m also a begginner, mayb i should keep my ideas to myself :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, i think you forgot to link the library. Add this line at the top of your code:

#pragma comment (lib, “gle32”)

I’m not sure that gle32 is the name of the dll file, but i think it is. If I’m wrong and you find the right library name, just substitute it in.

@I_NeedHelp: You were absolutely right about the problem! It was an unlinked library.But, what good are ideas if you can’t share them though?

  • Halcyon

Edit: Just wanted to say that he is including the header file. If he didn’t, the error woudl be undefined blah blah blah, not unresolved.

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