Please help me. Just 2 cubes and it's slow


I’m new here.
I just made a little program that draw two cubes with textures. But it’s really slow and it doesn’t seem to use hardware acceleration. I have a PentiumII PC with 256 mb ram and a Matrox G400 max. This machine is able to play halflife in 1280 by 960 at full speed.
I used VC++6. So did I miss something during my creation.

Thanks a lot.

ok. first, check with glGetString(GL_RENDERER) if opengl is currently using hw.

also, check your application codeflow to see what it actually does: if it’s uploading textures frequently (glTexImage, glTexSubImage and the other texture upload functions), then it’s probably due to this.

does a window resize make things run smoothly?


Hi dmy

Thank you for your help.

Well it runs using the generic GDI. So how do I make it use the hardware.

The textures are loaded once each and then I use texture objects.

So if you can tell me how to use the hardware renderer instead of the generic one, it would be great.

Thanks a lot.

Salut !

Your application doesn’t need anything for OpenGL to use the hardware… You might have a bad setup for your pixel-format or something like that… Do you use any special feature such as accumulation buffer or stencil buffer (well, G400 should have an hw-accelerated stencil buffer anyway…) ???
Post your init code concerning the pixel format for your DC so that we can tell you what is going wrong.



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