Please help me get some good image loading functions

Dear Friends,
Thank you for helping me. Does anyone have image loading functions(Win32)code plus how to interface with opengl texture functions. Thanks a lot.
GVG7 if that’s what you need

Thanks a lot.

I use the DevIL Image Library, awsome library. Handles almost every type of image format out there. And it’s really easy to use in OpenGL.

It has its downsides…it’s got quite a few bugs, even in the common file formats…such as, compressed tga’s and jpegs are read in upside down…the tga problem is compounded by the fact that there’s no way for devil to tell you any information about the tga file, such as if it’s compressed or not, so how do you know when to flip the resultant image? fopen the tga file and read the header yourself is the only solution I found…
As I say, it has it’s problems…but it’s ok at most other things. (oh no, I think it crashes on compressed bmp’s if memory serves).

you can enable that it automagically flips all images at the right time. dunno if that solves your “bug” wich is actually a “feature” or possibly, it is really a bug

Thanks a lot guys.