Please help: GLU32.dll not found

When attempting to run an OpenGL game on my system, I am getting the error ‘glu32.dll not found’ on launch, preventing the game from starting at all. I was under the impression that all required OpenGL drivers should be part of my graphics cards standard driver package (in my case I’m using the ATI Catalyst 4.7 drivers for my 128Mb Sapphire Radeon 9800pro card) . . . can anyone shed any light on this, or offer any advice on what I need to do ?? I’m running on WinXp Pro SP1, and this is the first OpenGL game I’ve tried to run since switching cards / upgrading operating system . . .

Thanks in advance,


No the GLU32.dll is part of any windows version since Win95(B). If its not present anymore it must have gotten deleted somehow.

It should be on your Windows (whatever version) installation CD.