Please can you test this program?

I have downloaded a program that uses WGL_ARB_buffer_region but it does not run well. I have a Geforce2. Can you test it?

Here is the program:


Here is what I get:

I have a P3 700, GeForce 2 U (D 23.11), WinXP btw…

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But, why? I also get a perturbed image, but the author says it works fine.
Maybe any driver problem?
I have a Athlon 1400 WinXPpro, Geforce2 GTS and the last detonators.

I get the same effect as GPSnoopy with GF3, and 27.00 drivers.

Same here… (but it’s purple instead of grey)

GeForce3 Ti 200 - Det 23.12

ATI works fine.

Also I have a Geforce 2 with old 12.41 drivers. This works. This looks to be another case where Nvidia broke stuff in this huge performance kick they’ve been on recently.

Doesn’t work here either.

GeForce 2MX AGP 32 Mb, Det. XP Windows 2000

Well I’ll be damned. I’m the author of that demo, and it did work when I released it. No really, I’m positive

No idea what happened, but I suspect mightyMo hit the nail on the head.

– Tom

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Same here, using a GeForce3

It works with the 28.32 drivers

Only weird thing though is that you have to send the program WM_PAINT messages…
(ie. by moving another window on top of the OGL window)

(and I’m still using a GeForce3 Ti 200 - XP)

It looked fine on my GeForce2 GTS. Hmmmm…it says driver version but that doesn’t match anyone elses driver version…shrugs