Please advice - exception in atioglxx.dll


Recently my application started to crash with message “exception in atioglxx.dll…” ,it never happened before (I’m working with the same hardware about 2 years) ,version of this dll is 6.14.1. .I searched on Google,I saw that people reported about version 6.8 still crashing,and I didn’t find any solution yet.

Thanks in advance

You probably need to post your code. Any number of problems could cause that. I’ve personally experienced it when trying to call glSubBufferData and going beyond the length of the allocated buffer. Same has happened when updating textures.

ATI drivers also crash when you use glCallLists (in my case, I’ve trying to render text) while compiling another list (between glNewList and glEndList).

Also, the driver throws an exception instead of given GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY back, if there is no more memory left.

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