Play .MOV v4

Is it possible to play QuickTime 4 MOV files using OpenGL as the output device for the video. Will I need to use the QuickTime 4 API and then just send the video to OpenGL? Thanks.


I’m not quite sure what you mean, if you mean that you want to texture map a polygon with a QT4 movie then all you should need to do is play the movie in an off screen world (using the QT4 SDK) and continually generate new textures from it. I would immagine that it would be very slow though.

What would be a better way to play it in a fullscreen application (the video will not be fullscreen though)? Thanks.


assuming you can put the pixels in some sort of array you could use glDrawPixels


glDrawPixels(int width, int height, Glenum format, Glenum type, Glvoid * pixels)

width the width of the rect
height the height of the rect
format- what format the pixels are in …
e.g. GL_RGB

Glenum type… type of date e.g. GL_BYTE or GL_FLOAT etc

pixels your array

so you just read the pixels frame by frame and update your array then draw them…

there was a post about avi’s earlier lookup avi and maybe more help will come

mr x

If you just want to display the video full screen then why do you need OpenGL at all. Why not just use the QT SDK. I’m not sure how you do it, but it must be possible because QT4 Pro (the actual application) does it. (Select Present Movie from the file menu and then select Full screen from the pull down menu in the dialog.
Why do you need OGL at all???

The video is just a very small part of this application. This is a fullscreen kiosk that goes in book/music stores and has 3D text/buttons. The video is just icing on the cake (but we have to have them). I need to be able to handle v4 MOV files now also (it currently supports AVIs). Thanks.