Platform independent

I have more of a developmetn question.
I am creating a sample game using openGl and c++ (glut). Does anyone have an idea or a link somewhere in the web that will help me create the installation package for windows and linux - i.e when the user installs the game i want to b able to load the libraries in the approprite directories and stuff for bothe windows and linux.
can any one help me out here
thanks in advance
vivek should have some examples on developing OpenGL applications on Linux and Windows. This web site may have links to some tutorials also.

If you’re talking about the dll’s, the ones for OpenGL should already be installed. As for the glut dll it resides hapilly on my WINNT\System32 folder (in xp). But if you put it in the same directory as the executable it will work as well (plus it won’t take space if the user decides to delete the folder). Anyway your libraries should
reside in a path that your program can find. If they’re not in the same directory then you have to add the path to the system.
If your asking about programs that take your project and make an executable for installing I don’t know any free ones but you could check google. Winamp’s installer might be free.