Planet's Atmosphere Shader ( GLSL [,Cg] )

Hello everyone!

Since i’m writing a scifi role playing /
action - game inspired by Solar Winds,
there are some nice Planets in my Scene.

Well, i have some nice textures for the
Planets surface and i’d like to add a
nice atmosphere effect, too. I think
that the time is right to use a shader

I’ve been searching for hours, but i could
not find any shader for a planet seen from
space. Since i am not experienced in
programming Shaders myself, i need
help and i hope i can find it here.

Does someone of you know how to write
such a shader or where to find one?

Thank you very much,


I’d start by reading Sean O’Neil’s article “Accurate Atmospheric Scattering” in GPU Gems 2 (chapter 16, pages 253-268). You could also try this article by the same author:

Hope this helps.

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