Planet textures (semi off-topic)

Does anyone have or know where I can get some good (prefferably high-res) planet textures? I don’t mean pictures of planets, I mean textures of planets (real or imagined) suitible for wrapping around spheres? Thanks!

try here

Thanks! This will be useful for sure, however, I doubt you could do this realtime in a game or something. Do you know of any place like this that has actual textures? (I wonder if there’s a way to unwrap one of these generated planets and then save it to a texture?)

Hi again Punchey, here’s where I’m getting my planetary maps:

Hey, dude! Long time no see :-). Yeah, thanks, I just came across that exact link before I checked this thread. Once again, great minds think alike huh? Anyway, I have a link for ya if you want some additional stuff and some fictional stuff (like a map of what Mars and Venus would really look like if they had oceans). The URL is:

go to the “planetary maps” section. Some cool stuff and some other links to other map sites. Thanks again!