Pixmap and hardware acceleration



I’m looking for a solution which use pixmap (glxpixmap) to draw on. The question is : “can i have hard acceleration using a glxpixmap ?”. If “yes”, what card and drivers should i use ?

Any answers would help me


Sorry, never tried to use X pixmaps for GL rendering.
If i must speculate I would expect a somewhat inferior hardware acceleration (if any at all) when using pixmaps because otherwize they would just use them instead of introducing the pbuffers.
I think u will be safer if u use a pbuffer and then copy the data by hand to a pixmap or whatever u need.
Then again i may be wrong and the pixmaps may be perfectly nice for GL rendering (like 100% acceleration).
Also this surely depends on the particular GL implementation/driver.
Why dont you try this and post the result here?

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