anyone knows if there will be anything like this?
i know there are reg combiner + tex shader + what not.
of course i can use nvparse. its a good hacky util.
but why there is no pixelshader? something like vertexprogram for pixels.
or do we all have to wait for the glorious ogl2.0 ?

btw: maybe OT.

pixelshader of geforce3 and 4 in dx (up to ps1.3) is a wrapper for
texture_shader followed by register combiners… nothing more

pixelshader of ati radeon 8500 in dx (up to ps1.4) is the equivalent to fragment_shader extension from ati

radeon8500 pixelprogram is yet quite programable (if you go and take a look at their page, you’ll see this)

but yes, for “full” vertexprograms in the fragmentpipeline, we’ll have to wait for dx9 or gl2.0 or more or less