I have an ASUS v3800 Deluxe (TNT2u) and a ASUS K7-V with Athlon 500.
Whenever I try to run a GL game (STV:EF, SoF, Hitman:c47) I get a variation of the failed to get PixelFormat error message.

Please help with ideas.
I have tried;
Latest Detonator3 Drivers,
9x516rd drivers from ASUS,
Latest GLSetup web driven install.

Thanks Houdini.

I ran into this problem last night and went looking for an answer. It
seems everyone else is scratching their head and looking for an answer
Here you go!

  1. Edit your WIN.INI.
  2. Look for the line “DVA=0”
  3. Put a semicolon ( so the line reads “;DVA=0” (less quotes)
  4. Save the file.
  5. Problem Solved!


I did this and it worked for me.