Pixel = ?????

Hello people,

Does anyone know a way to know, how many pixels I have in one milimiter?

Thanks a lot


There is no way to really know. It depends on the resolution being used and size of the monitor.

For instance say you had a monitor that measured 14 inches arose the screen and you had the resolution set to 800x600. Then there would be 800 pixels per 14 inches. Hopefully you now see that it depends on the setup being used.


It helps.

If you are in windows, look for

“Coordinate Space and Transformation Functions”

in the MSDN docu. You can also search for GetMapMode(). With this function you can get window sizes in e.g. mm.

Thanks Kilam Malik,

It is exactly what I was searching for.

Thank you


I checked about the GetMapMode/SetMapMode functions, but witch is the mode that I have to set, to have one logical unit equivalent to one milimiter ?