pixel shader

I am new to this area, how to start with the coding in pixel shader. please help me, I am in great neef.


You’ll have to tell us what gfx-cards you target, cause their “pixel”-shaders (it’s called fragment in opengl, in my opinion better than the term pixel) are exposed through different extensions :

GF3 and GF4 : NV_Register_Cominbers and NV_Texture_Combiners
Radeon 8500 : ATI_Vertex_Shader and ATI_Fragment_Shader
Radeon 9500 and up : ARB_Vertex_Program/ARB_Fragment_Program and glSlang since Cat 3.10
GeForce FX : ARB_Vertex_Program/ARB_Fragment_Program and soon also glSlang

If you target for newer hardware (DX9), then I’d go for either ARB_VP/ARB_FP or (what suits me much better) glSlang. Look up the specs for ARB_VP/ARB_VP at http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/ and learn more on glSlang at http://www.3dlabs.com/support/developer/ogl2/index.htm

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