Pixel Shader on Geforce 3/4

Hi all,

I’m realy new in the openGL coding, however when a saw vertex and pixel shader, i want to try it.

In fact, it seems that only GFFX and ATI9500 or higher have a full compatible support of Pixel Shader under OpenGL.

I like to do something that could run on GeForce 3/4 and higher. I have a Geforce4 Ti, and i can’t find GL_ARB_fragment_shader in the extension string, whereas NV told my card is able to do shading for vertex and fragment/pixel.

It’s seems however that directX can use the fragment shader.

So i like to know if there is a mean that allow to use pixel and vertex shader on Geforce 3 and 4.

I saw too the texture_shader in Nvidia, was it the same as pixel shader? Was it the only solution for doing pixel shader ?

Thanks in advance


that’s normal, yes;
the problem with your card is, that it don’t support fragmentprograms/pixelshaders in hardware;
go www.delphi3d.net, -> hardware registry to find out which extension is available on which card.

but, to do a workaround: you can use “NVemulate” from nvidia, to emulate those extensions - but instead of “frames per second”, everything you get is “minutes per frame”; so, be alarmed !

(you can also search the forum for an old thread from me, where i have stated the same; because i also ran into GF3-no-ps-support questions, month’s ago)

The ARP_vp and ARB_fp extensions require pixel and vertex shader 2.0 functionality. The GF3/4 only support the 1.X shaders which you can access using the Nvidia register combiner and vertex program extensions.

thanks a lot for this infos.

I think i gonna try do to some little things with the nvidia combiner and vertex shader , just to see how these stuff work. And i wait a new card to do more