PIII 600 faster than AMD Athlon 800?

I was surprised of my brothers PC been slower than mine. Is this normal, or something should be wrong or missed.
Programs like Lightwave, Quake 3 and/or Unreal T. are working at a higher frame rate in my P3…Look at the specs:

  1. P3 600 Mhz, 128 RAM, Leadtek Geforce 256 SDR.
  2. AMD Athlon 800, 128 RAM, Creative Geforce 2mx…

I thought it was a problem with the Geforce setup, but I tried changing the 256 to the AMD and the 2mx to the P3 and the same thing happens…Any ideas or recommendations?


Forgot to say that the P3 is using Windows 2k prof. and the AMD is using Win98…

Of course this has nothing to do with GL…but…

They’re different processors made by different companies, so I don’t think you can make a simple statement that higher Mhz equates to better performance. For example, you can get a Mac G4 running at 450 Mhz that could probably slaughter a PIII 600, at least for certain kinds of applications…and assuming that the software is even optimized for the processor in question. Plus you cited different operating systems, probably different hardware ( other than CPU ), so you aren’t comparing things on a level playing field. Also, you list 128 meg of ram…are they of the same type and speed. That could make a big difference in performance for apps that use lots of memory.

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some computers just so happen to be faster than others, all hardware will affect it’s speed. You will be using different mother boards and their can be a huge difference.
Have you looked at computer reviews and seen that they usualy compare performance - the magasins I read do and often some seem to act very, very slowly while others run far faster even when all the computers have the same processor and hardware spec.
Although I would of expected the athlon to easily outperform the p3.

Ugg. Why bother posting here when other forums are much better sutied for this. Bottom line, it depends on lots of things, ram, bios, drivers, HDs, and so on… do a little research in the newsgroups using deja.com and you will find your answers.

see www.tomshardware.com - there are many reviews comparing the both processor families…(or www.anandtech.com))
You’ll see also that the Athlon is performing better for prof. OpenGL applications, while PIII gains more fps while running some games (including Quake 3 ))