Piglet and Preatorian: COLLADA cutscene demo

I’m finally done with my thesis project, provide COLLADA support for the company Agency9 and their AgentFX engine.

I have made a small cutscene called “Piglet and Preatorian” for demonstration purpose of my work. To watch the cutscene demo and to read some more information click the following link: http://www.agency9.se/demo/index.php?t=0.

Please note: The download is approximatly ~12 Mb and the loading/parsing time can be up to ~30 sec. Please have patience. Make a cup of coffee while waiting. :wink:

Some technical information:
The cutscene is a complex sequence created in Maya Unlimited 6.5. Modelling and UV-mapping was done i Blender and Milkshape. All animation was done i Maya. Textures where made in Paint Shop Pro.

The scene is made from 2 bone-animation objects, 9 rigid-body animations, 5 geometris each with 5 materials, 1 point light and 84 geometry instances. Export from Maya to COLLADA uses version 0.54 from Guillaume Laforte’s and Christian Laforte’s Maya COLLADA exporter.
(A big thanx to Guillaume and Christian for all the support with their exporter!) :smiley:

Every animation, including joint and IK animation, was baked into 2600 keyframes each.
Amount of geometry in the scene is unknown (if anyone knows how to display this in Maya let me know) but it is very large.

The XML file is ~25MB uncompressed (1~2Mb compressed).

JAXB was used to generate classes from the 1.3.0 schema and for parsing the file.

Everything you see in the cutscene was read from the COLLADA format from a single file! Nothing is scripted except for the slow-motion feature (press space to try it out) and the skybox.

I hope you like the demo and feel free to ask any questions!