Picking with VB

I am looking for a Picking example coding in VB6… Somebody have it ? Many thanks (OpenGL is very good but when we are started, it’s little difficult ;-))

WHY!!, , why people using VB??? Go! and learn C, then ask.

I’ve coded many professional OpenGL apps using VB6. I am also very familiar with VC++. I think Fredy needs to lose his attitude and stop showing his ignorance. VB is a great tool for developing many applications and like all programming languages, including C, has its strengths and weaknesses. If your tring to code the newest cutting edge video game, of course C is probably the better language for the job. If your coding a simple CAD package, perhaps VB6 is the better tool if you are more familiar with it.

As far as picking with VB, the red book has a simple example of picking in C which can be easily ported to VB. That is how I figured it out. Check out http://ask.ii.uib.no/ebt-bin/nph-dweb/dynaweb/SGI_Developer/OpenGL_PG/


The VB was created for viruses.
That isn’t good tool for programing in OpenGL
Why don’t start with VC( it is very good tool )
Sorry ,I can’t help you.

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