Picking with "Name Stack" slow in fullscreen mode?

Is that true picking with “Name Stack” slow in fullscreen mode? Or it’s because of my gfx card? When I implement picking in window mode, it runs well. But in fullscreen, my application pause about 2 second. Both fullscreen and window mode use 640x480 screen resolution.

I use glut and use both ortho and perspective projection. My gfx card is Vodoo3.

Another question, can it (picking) be done if my application use both 2D and 3D projection? Because it gave wrong feedback to me. I’ve try implement “picking” in simple 2D application and I got nothing problem with it.

Another question,

Can I “pick” display list?


The speed of the selection is only depending on your system. If it’s slow, it’s your system that can’t do it any faster.

As for picking with display lists, did you try it before asking? A simple experiment should give you an answer within a few minutes (including the time it takes to code the program).

So you mean I can “pick” display list right? I’ve try it but I got wrong feedback. So I assume that the problem is somewhere when I switch the 2D-3D projection.

You said that maybe my sistem is slow. But picking in window mode not slow even I use the same resolution when using fullscreen mode. Are you mean that my gfx card is not suitable to use this kind of “picking”?

By now I switch to “picking with colors” which give me faster feedback. Both fullscreen and window mode give approximately same performance. But I’ve read somewhere saying that using this kind of picking is slower. Is that true?

I noticed you said you switch between 2D and 3D during picking. If so I suspect that will mess up your feedback. If you noticed, you set the picking matrix the same time you set up your projection matrix. If you change the projection matrix (as you would when switching between 2D and 3D) without adjusting the picking matrix, I think your results will be off.