Picking Icosahedra and 3D Text

I’m writing a program (VC++, Win2k, OpenGL) in which I’m using OpenGL’s picking algorithm to select various objects on a board. It works beautifully for a quad, a cube made out of quads, and a quadric sphere. However, when I try to select an icosahedron (made with auxSolidIcosadron()) or a piece of OpenGL 3D textishness (I have forgotten what it’s actually called), it doesn’t work. It simply acts as though there were no object there. Any ideas about how to make this work?

friendly advice: move up to GLUT. aux is practically prehistoric, and no longer supported.
don’t know if that’s the problem though. post some code?

I used aux because it’s easy. So sue me.

All I’m doing is loading a name then drawing the icosahedron, the exact same thing I’m doing for things that work. I’m totally stumped about what’s different…