Pick point on Nurbs surface


I wish to click on any point on the Nurb or Bezier Surface and wish to transform the whole surface by by jst adjusting that point.
One method could be that I draw the Nurb or bezier sutface myself by drawing the constituent polygons one by one myself rather than using gluNurbs. Thereafter I pick the point(polygon vertex) and move it. But the problem that now comes up is that only the 4 polygon surrounding the vertex are affected rather than the whole Surface as in the case of moving control point.

So any suggestions?


Thats just a limitation of these kinds of surfaces.

You cant simply select arbitrary points to manipulate a surface with, you have to select control points.

Nurbs modelling works by adding control points to areas which you want to manipulate and add detail to.

This is a rather horrible limitation as it leads to lots of unnessesary control points, as with surfaces you obviously have to add entire rows of control points at a time, but until more advanced surface techniques become popular/available its just a small annoyance that youll have to work around.

So basically if you are wanting to simply create a surface which you can deform with a fair amount of control then just create say a 32*32 Nurbs control mesh, that way youll have 1024 points to play around with.

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