Physics in Maya Plug-in

Hi all,

I just found that Maya plug-in can not keep physics information after re-export. For example,

  1. Create a Maya scene with rigid body/constraint.
  2. Export it to COLLADA DAE format, file name test.DAE All physics information there.
  3. Load file test.DAE
  4. Export all to again.DAE, then all physics information is lost.

I also tried to another method:

1,2 and 3 as same as before.
4. Export all to maya scene format.
5. Load Maya scene format
6. Export all to another dae file again.DAE. All physics information is lost.

Could anyone help me with that?

Thanks a lot.

Hi vagr,

Sorry to have to tell you this, but Maya physics import/export was never fully supported in ColladaMaya. It works for some primitives and some settings, but not for all of them.

There is good news however, we are in the process of getting ColladaMaya development running on and it seems likely that Physics support will get a rework before too long. Don’t have exact details yet…will let you know when I do.