photoshop & opengl fighting each other for resources?

when i’m using photoshop to play with my textures and running my native win32 opengl app at the same, my app drops to a couple frames/sec (software rendering, looks like…) quitting both apps, and restarting my app makes it go fast again.

using win2k, geforce256 ddr, newest detonator drivers, etc.

anyone else experience anything like this? perchance know how to fix it?

Actually, yes I have. I fixed it (for the most part) by using the Photoshop preferences to move the scratch disk to a seperate hard drive and turn down the memory usage of PhShop to 30 percent.

Might try it. I’ve had good results on a P3 933 with 128megs of RDRAM.


oh, duh. i thought it was something deeper than that, but cranking down the memory usage seems to help. wonder why it just seemed to effect my gl apps? maybe cuz they peg the processor?.. hmm.


there was a thread like that up before that the nvidia guys responded to. go for a quick search and u’ll find it.

i think i entailed the two apps fighting for bandwidth… but i don’t really rememeber…