Photo Realistic images

I want to generate photo realistic images. Images of stones, woods etc to be as real as we see. How can i do it in opengl. Help me in this.

have a look at Image modeler

its not an easy task … One technique is to take lots of fotos , calibrate them and construct a 3d model of the objects u need, then take textures from the different fotos map them on ur 3d model… u might need to use view dependent textures to improve the situation…

Realism is much more about source data (i e what you put into your graphics renderer) than the graphics renderer itself.

GIGO always holds true.

Sorry but what’s “photorealistic images” suppose to mean?

Are you talking about a photo of rocks and flowers, etc.?

Photorealistic rendering is another matter. That’s about “3d graphics” (not OpenGL) and you need to read about it. Im sure you can find 10000 pages using a search engine or just head over to siggraph web page.