Phong transparency texture

Hi, can I have something like this:

  <technique sid="common"> 

<texture texture="…" texcoord=“CHANNEL1”>

Is it standard to have texture as child of transparent? This is what 3DS Max exporter does for composite materials. It defines multiple textures for diffuse and transparent children of phong material as a mean to achieve multiple composite layers.

I try to use this as a material for additive layers of textures (without using GLES or CG profiles) but I don’t think this is COLLADA standard format. Only Max seems to understand this kind of material.

Yes this is allowed in COLLADA under the <profile_COMMON>. You can supply a texture for any of the color elements for <phong>, <lambert>, <constant>, and <blinn>.

Then the other implementations are lacking support for this. You will need to report this to the vendors that you need this feature from.