pesty errors persist.

OK,I got rid of the glut stuff that was bugging me. Now I have this stuff popping up. I have gl.h included so I am a little purplexed at why this is happening. Any suggestions on where to look???

Info :Compiling C:\BC5\BIN\solar5.cpp
Error: solar5.cpp(59,21):Call to undefined function ‘gluPerspective’
Error: solar5.cpp(62,16):Call to undefined function ‘gluLookAt’
Warn : solar5.cpp(96,2):Parameter ‘x’ is never used
Warn : solar5.cpp(96,2):Parameter ‘y’ is never used

You need to link the program to glu32.lib for glu… to work. As you are using Borland I dont know how they link them, sorry.

As for x and y, they are not used but still are allocated memory space. Its no biggie this, so this is why its a warning and not an error.

This link shows how to setup the program using Viscual C++. Maybe you know of or can figure out how to do it in Borland.

just add
#pragma comment(lib, “glu32.lib”)
to the top of the program, that should work in any compiler