Perspective source code

Hello people, I have a quick question. I am trying to look at the source code for opengl perspective functions, such as glPerspective, glFrustrum etc… for a math/art project I am doing. I have been completely unsuccessful in locating this code so far… all I get is pre-compiled code. Anyone have any idea where I can download/look at this source code, or who I need to contact in order to do so? Thank you for your time.

try , Mesa is an OpenGL work-alike with complete source code available. Alternatively most any book on 3D computer graphics can explain the math behind perspective transformations & view frustums, etc.

Also try this adress:

This is the Opengl Sample Implementation page form SGI.
In the donwload section fof this page you
can find the entrie OpenGL source code

The archive is in .gz format but you can use stuffit to decompress it.

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