Perspective Issues

After learning more about opengl, I realized that I have absolutely no idea how to do what I want. I know that objects farther from the camera are smaller. Is there some way to make objects father from the camera appear even smaller then that?

This is called a wider angle.
Just increase the fov, and bring the camera closer to objects, it will give the effect you want.

Example :

is that what you are after ?

I have looked into that further, thanks for the quick reply, but that is not it. My project contains two panels, one of which is looking at a cube, and the other simulates looking at the camera looking at the cube.

If you look at the screenshot, the left hand side, the pyramid-shape should turn into a cube normally, since the back of it is significantly farther away then the front.

pyramid-shape should turn into a cube normally

You are wrong, it all depends on the relative position between view and pyramid, and fov of the pyramid versus fov of the view.

If you want details on his “project” (aka: homework), then you can look at his previous thread.