Perspective Corrrection in Open GL

Hey all,

I’m making a 3D isometric game (don’t ask) and basically the polys are not appearing isometric-like, I have a pretty good idea that it is the way that OpenGL has set up the perspective. Is there any way to make the quads appear isometric???

Thanks everyone…


Easy, load the projection matrix with an isometric projection of your choosing.

Did you say projection matrix? I’m not sure if it could be bad or if it’s the only solution to this…

There should be absolutely no reason why an isometric projection placed into the projection matrix would be a bad thing. I mean, the projection matrix is where the projection transform is supposed to go, be it a perspective transform, orthographic transform, isometric transform, diametric transform, or any other projection transform.

As I stated, I don’t know. But I know now that I was wrong, since only the camera transformations or any other transformations shouldn’t be in the projection matrix. Sorry if I sounded ugly.


I see what you mean, but I was actually loking for a bit of code… does anyone know what code I should use and a little explanation of it if its a little wierd looking. If you know of a on-line tutorial could you tell me also. Cheers.