permedia 2 and opengl

hi, does make any sense to install opengl drivers by glsetup utility in my old creative graphics blaster exxtreme 4 mb pci permedia 2 chipset based video card?
glsetup needs directx 7 to run properly as i know but permedia 2 video cards from 3d labs doesn´t support dx 7, then why update?
is there any tip somebody can tell me to speed up my video card performance?


You should probably use the reference drivers. I can’t imagine GLSetup offering anything newer. I imagine that you can install DX7, and it will use the DX6 drivers – it’s not optimal, but many chips worked like this when DX7 came out.

Still, I dont’ think it’ll do you much good. The Permedia 2 is very old and lacked some useful features even when it was released (like most blending modes). My “tip” would be to buy a new card. Any card available today should be better than the Permedia 2. Assuming that you have an AGP slot, you should be able to buy a card for around $20+shipping (or $30 total), according to Price Watch. If you have only PCI, expect to pay around $20 more.