Performer download and compile

I’ve tried to download Performer from it doesn’t work.
On the download page are two options
register and download.When I’ve registred ,
download option was still disabled,so I
went to ftp site.Ok I download it ,but the compilation doesn’t work.I haven’t Motif
,but Lesstif and other needed parts.
Please help me.

Try asking your question on the SGI Performer mailing list. You can find how to as SGI heres some useful links

Performer Home page

Link to Performer Examples…veloper/Perf_PG

Link to Programmers on Line Guide…veloper/Perf_PG

Link to Programmers Guide download umber=007-1680-060

Link to online Getting Started with Performer…Perf_GetStarted

link to Getting Started download pages umber=007-3560-002

Link to the SGI Developer Tech Docs page lots of good links to downloadable docs on many graphics subjects. eloper