If speed is an issue what is better GLX or GLUT (let say for the same program with good algorithms )? What is the ratio?
Unfortunately I just started with GLX and can not play with this now. But I am dying to know it now.

Hi !

I am not sure what you mean here, GLX is the interface between X and OpenGL so you need that to get OpenGL to run on X, GLUT is a “platform independent” library to help you out a bit with window creation and so on, but GLUT use GLX itself in the end…


Difference in FPS.

0 FPS (only perhaps somes microseconds at the init

So, use GLUT, it’s PORTABLE !!!


Use SDL instead of GLUT. It’s also platform independent and much better than GLUT. GLUT sucks.

what’s that ? never heard of it !

Originally posted by Burp!!:
what’s that ? never heard of it !

It’s like directx (sort of), it’s gives you
way to control audio, input graphics .

sdl is great, but (in my opinion) very few documentation :frowning: nevertheless far better than glut…

Glut is great for quick windowing, menus, and demo type stuff. It has some nice features but I wouldn’t use it for a production OpenGL environment.

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