hi there,
i’m frustrated…
i’ve got a pentium3 450MHz,160megs ram,
ATI 3D Rage Pro card…
i’m doing some little projects in openGL with the MFC…
for example,a demo with 2 textured/lighted spheres,some big disks,quads and stuff…
i’m using display lists and stuff to get a little faster,but i only get 1 or 2 fps,when my window is maximized(it gets fast when minimizing the window to 100 x/100 y,but…)

that can’t be it!!!
am i doing something wrong or is my ATI card crap??



Having the same problem as you. My apps runns quick in smaller windows, but very slow when maximized. With maximized I mean by pushing the maximize button on the window, not fullscreen. I have a TNT card, so I can say I’m almost sure it has nothing to do with your card itself. It might have something to do with drivers, but then I don’t understand why two different cards have the same problem.

If anyone know what’s wrong, please let us know


just wanted to say that not just my apps run slow, even all demos i get from the net do it.(like nehe’s or druid’s and stuff - and their readme files say 10 or 20 fps!).
is my computer tired???

You guys have problems because your drivers are the software drivers, and it goes very slow, even on fast processors. You must use the drivers for your cards, and you’ll see it’ll be going slightly faster . And to found these drivers, go to fot the Windows drivers, or for the linux drivers.

maybe i’m wrong, but i think they are using HW driver yet.

from personal experiences, i’ve seen a big gap in framerates from two nearly equal window sizes.
example: 400x300@50fps, 400x310@3fps !!

seems like that above a particular size (mainly vertical) the system reverts to microsoft generic… but it does this only when resizing.

if i create a window with the same pixelformat with the desired size, it works well.

i’ve seen this behaviour with g200/8megs and tnt/16megs, but not (it’s a matter of time, i believe) with nv10/32megs.

with the tnt, the windows has to be more large from the beginning… this makes me think about memory.


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Hello again

Dolomighty are right, we ARE using (at least I do) hardwaredrivers
I’ve tried many different drivers, Diamonds own drivers (I got a Diamond Viper 550), drivers for STB and nVidia’s reference drivers. But they all work more or less the same when resizing the window.

What you said about it being a memoryproblem, i might agree. I’m using a desktopresolution of 1280x1024x32 pixels (approx 5 MB memory). If i resize the windows to say 800x800, using doublebuffer, 16 bit depth and 8 bit stencil, a scene with many objects and large textures with mipmaps can eat the remaining memory quite fast. Then there is a posibility Microsofts own drivers can take over and use the computers own RAM… just a theory i came up with when writing this post.

so what to do ? (thinking of buying GeForce…)

What to do?

Well, you can either keep your window small, or you can go fullscreen.


in fullscreen it’s the same speed that i have in windowed mode…no difference…

One thing that was mentioned as a footnoote on, but that made all the difference for me, is that my card (a Voodoo3; I need a real developer card) only works in 16bpp mode. I also noticed that 1600x1200 was Bad but 1280x1024 was Good. This got my framerates up to reasonable levels (as long as I only want filled, lit, textured, transformed triangles…grumble)

Just a thought.