performance speed and fps

alright so i’ve just recently got an nVidia 7800 from a buddy, i know it’s not a highend card but it’s still a big upgrade from my old 32 mb ati.

Now i was wondering what are some capabilities of the card or techniques i could use to speed up my program? is there such thing as displaylist that run on gpu? where do i read on how to utilize the gpu and the memory of the card?

thanx in advance.

Check the programming guides over here for good advice on perf

Plenty of other goodies there too - heaps of demos, tools, artwork, etc…

A displaylist always run on gpu, I don’t get you ?
To use the memory : use plenty of high resolution textures
To use the gpu : use GLSL vertex and fragment shaders

VBO for big meshes :

What does your program do currently ?

thanx i’ll look into those articles.

i used to think displaylist was running on software end for some reason =S but i realized that now as soon as i implemented it the frame rate quadrupled, on my other card it barely made a difference.

this is my program :

i’m just writing code as i learn so this is to help me understand certain techniques better. for now i got a terrain with some md2 models than can be controlled by the mouse you can click to select and right click to tell them to move. i know the picking isn’t efficient the way that i’m doing it.