Performance problem between 320.00 and 320.18

Anyone else experienced performance slowdown in this case?
Personally I have a 4x(fps) slowdown. Every other version have worked perfectly until 320.18.


Well I get the feeling that I’m alone with this problem ;).
The scenes are also rather “heavy” with lots of shaders, textures and so on.
I don’t think I have this problem in simple scenes, but it could be hidden by other things.

just switched from 314.xx to 320.18 and see no measurable difference. i think you might check your control panel settings and run-throught your application with gDebugger with break on errors options checked.

I forgot to say that I’m running 4.2 core version.
The problem also exists in debug-context, and I get no errors from that.

in that case, you should disable features until you nail down the functionality that causes the slowdown. i use OpenGL 3.2 context. nothing even remotely esoteric, just rendering VAO’s with vertex+fragment shaders, so there’s not much to go wrong.

Thanks for the help.
The problem is that it works perfectly with other versions so before digging deep I have to ask others, because it could be a driver thing.
I switched back to 320.00(beta) and it worked as usual again.

it is, most likely, a driver thing. but it’s not likely, that it affects performance of all opengl functions. so if you want it to be dealt with, you can locate specific functionality in your code, which presumably works slower, than it should.

I tried 320.18 again and this time it worked perfectly…:confused:.
I haven’t touched my program/game since last time.
Maybe it has something to do with some internal shader-caching that needs to be flushed/rehashed or something.

it is possible, that you have the same issue.

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