Performance of GLSL?

Hi all. I’m trying to use shaders to perform image rotation in my application.
I followed the tutorial for rendering a simple model using shaders. For this simple application itself it takes 50% of my processor usage.
My PC Spec:1GB Nvidia 210 Graphic Card,2GB RAM,3 Ghz Processor. I’ve updated my graphics drivers & tested it too.

Code Reference:

Actually it questions the base itself. Why it is consuming this much CPU load for rendering a simple model? If we are using GPU for this rendering process then what takes this much of CPU load?

forgive me if i did anything wrong. But please help me to understand about this shaders & help me to tune my Application performance.

Well, you probably render thousands of frames per seconds. In that case it is quite possible.

thank you @aqnuep for your reply. i got it i was running in 60 fps…

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