Performance Issue

Hello guys,

Anybody give me some suggestion to improve the performance of my drawing? Or give me some reference



Have you tried a wider pencil?

Seriously, if you want any sensible replies you will have to give a lot more detailed information on how you’re currently drawing things.

First have a read here for basics :

Then for more precise help, as said Lord crc, you will indeed have to give details about your hardware gpu/vram/cpu/ram/OS, how you draw things, what you draw, what rendering speed you expect, etc.

Rule of thumb: Keep the GPU always busy :slight_smile:

Minimize redundant state changes.

Batch geometry that share the same textures and shaders or rendering states

Use triangle strips whenever possible.

Use indexing

Use only VBOs

Triangle strips are not that good. Try simple indexed triangles with vertices in “hilbert curve” order instead, takes advantage of any size of vertex cache.

Thanks, guys

And another powerful tool: use display list as possible as you can.