performance failure


I have programmed an OpenGL program (with c++, Visual Studio 6.0), but I
wonder why it’s running very slowly in most of the computers. But suprisingly it
runs good enough with my home computer…
The program visualizes a forest scene
(transparent textures…)

I have Windows XP and GeForce4 card in
my home pc. The performance is good
enough… but when trying the same
program with a pc with Matrox Millenium
G400 AGP and Windows NT (256 KB Ram).

I have also tried the program with
some powerfull portable computers but
things are really slowing down…

So if anyone can give me advice why
the performance is 10-40 times faster
with my home computer? My home computer
doesn’t have the fastest processor or
more memory than my computer at office.

I would appreciate any advice!

My guess is that on the portables you’re running in software mode. What you can do is query the renderer string and if it’s “Microsoft Generic” then you’re in software mode. Take a look at:


Also, if you’re using extensions, the cards might not support it (and definitely will not support them if you’re in software mode). This could also cause the slowdowns.

That drastic of a drop in framerate leads me to believe you’re either running in software mode, or using extionsions not supported on the other machines.

In the future, you’re more likely to get help with coding problems like this in one of the coding forums here.

Hope that helps.

Besides what yakuza said, a Geforce 4ti is atleast 10 times faster then a Matrox G400 (depending on what you do) so the values you mentioned make sence.