Performance Degredation

Hi all,

Most of the OpenGL software (my own and others) I run on my machine tend to slow down the longer machine is on. There is always plenty of system RAM available.

Is it possible to leak GPU RAM? My software properly closes the OpenGL context and deletes all textures, VBOs, FBOs (no PBOs).

All my non hardware accelerated software runs fine and just as fast as when I booted up.

This happens over the course of say 2 hours, opening/closing the app 20+ times. I have not found any software that will tell me free/used memory on the GPU. Is there any such diagnostic utility or extension that can query this?

Sounds like a graphics driver problem. What graphics card are you using? We had (more searious) problems with ATI x1xxx cards leaking plenty of Memory in some situations. Are you using the latest drivers?

I was using an NVidia 6800 Ultra. I just moved to a new system with an 8800 GTS and will see if I can still replicate.

Thanks for your reply!

Please do let me know if anyone knows of software to detect what resources are free on the graphics card!

NVidia 6800 Ultra should not have an OpenGL problem. Make sure that you have WHQL certified drivers.

In any case, congratulations on the G80!

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