Performance: 95% SLOWER than DirectX? Is something wrong?


I just recently started fiddling with openGL. I downloaded nehe’s tutorial 06 for texture mapping. I’m getting around 7 frames per second. This is ridiculous for rotating a box primitive with 1 texture map. My system has a Voodoo 3k. Ok, it’s an outdated card but 8fps?!? I decided to do some testing on a GeForce3 card (1.0+ GHz processor – new system). I only had around 55 fps for rotating a stupid box. Baffled, I wrote a simple routine to test if it was resident in texture memory…it was…am I missing something?



Do you get hardware acceleration for opengl ?
Try glGetString (GL_VENDOR) and glGetString (GL_RENDERER).
If it doesn’t say anything about 3dfx voodoo 3, you’re running without acceleration (but even if you get 3dfx voodoo3, you can’t be sure that you get hw accel.)

Strange that demo ran @ 300 fps on my old 400mhz/ati rage 128 machine



a: you have v-sync enabled, thus limiting your framerate


b: you might want to get some new drivers

As an addition, voodoo 3’s will run openGL only if you have a recent enough driver and the display is limited to 16bit…

I’ve never been able to get beyond 77 fps even for a scene that doesn’t do anything. I suspect its the fps code I am using I found on site. I will need to locate an independant program and see what that says. I am using a GeForce 2 MX 400 on a Athlon 1200Mhz machine. But then my machine has never been that fast anyway. :wink:

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you’re just running with VSYNC enabled. You can turn it off with wglSwapControl (that’s an extension).

Is that the correct wording, cause I can’t find it with a google search nor in my MSDN library.

Is this VSYNC turned on by default then and you have to turn it off programmatically?

Thanks anyway…


PS… I also tried the 3D Benchmark Tests and even they never went higher than 50fps. But those are some fancy graphics so I can’t complain… yet :wink:


Thanks… now why don’t it give example code… sigh…

After searching for how to use it with google I went back to my old favourite gamedev and one of the forum messages explained how to use it exactly.

Here it is for those that are having trouble using it like myself.


EDIT: Aha, found the item on my video card - so thats what it does - hehe

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