performace (software rendering???)

i worry about perfomace of my opengl app. it’s going slooooowly (i think everything is rendered by cpu instead of my lovely 3d card). how can i fix it?

i’m running in fullscreen (i switch there using ChangeDisplaySettings()… i thing this isn’t very good… is it?)

what may be wrong? i’m absouletely lost and i know nothing about gl. plz heeeeelp and i love you forever…;-))

If you think you are rendering in software, you should first make sure you are not using something that your graphics card can handle. You see, not a single graphics card on the consumer market can handle everything in hardware today. A good example it GeForce based cards (at least 1 and 2) that can’t do stencil buffering in 16 bit color depth. Check with your manufacturere what your graphics card can and can’t do, and then look at your program and see what you do.

Second, you should get the latest drivers. And if that doesn’t help, you should buy a new card. You can never force your program into hardware acceleration if your hardware isn’t capable of doing what you ask it to do.

Concerning fullscreen, ChangeDisplaySettings is about the only way to go fullscreen in Windows, so nothing wrong with that. You should use that function.

yeah… it’s working now. error was elsewhere but thnx;-)