per-vertex shading


I’m using Collada to define 3D models in Google Earth.

My question is, how do I specify the effects, materials and geometries to define per-vertex shading within a Collada file?

I’ve tried adding RGB values to each vertex but triangles are still rendered in the single colour as defined in the triangle’s material.

Any help appreciated.

(are there any examples I can download and examine?)

Well the problem isn’t the data its the implementation.
Google Earth does not support vertex colors. Or at least they didn’t at the beginning of August.

Having both vertex colors and a material I believe the behavior is application defined. They might modulate the material color by the vertex color. They may just use the material color. I don’t think COLLADA defines how this case is to be handled.


Thanks for the reply. I may be able to achieve the desired effect using textures.