Per Pixel Lightning : the same problem but source code available

When I use PPL, the textures are black, for me it’s a belding problem or a multitexturing problem.

Now, the source code is available to download so I hope that it will be more easy for you to try it.


F ==> Moving the light toward Z
V ==> Moving the light to you
D ==> Moving the light left
G ==> Moving the light right

You can download the source code here :

Here’s a screenshot of my problem :

Damned, it’s the correct link …

Please don’t cross-post .

Since both per-pixel lighting and register combiners are pretty advanced techniques, you may not expect alot of answers in the beginners forum, though.

hehe… 2 opengl, one flipcode, one gamedev, or two even there? th ultraposter and 2 times the same post (just once with sourcecode )

I think it was 2 times on gamedev…,
I have never seen such a big cross-post