PDF export & printing


I have a Cocoa application with an OpenGL window, what options are available for generating PDF files and for printing ??
in the window, I render 3D objects, either wireframe and solid objects, and texts as textured quads in 2D.
I was looking at the GL2PS library, but I guess if there are other (better) ways for generating PDFs…

any hints or directions are greately appreciated,

ReadPixels is the obvious way to go…

that’s ok for bitmap printing, what about for a vector graphics solution (I should have mentioned that :stuck_out_tongue: ) ?

OpenGL is a raster API, so you’re going to print a raster image, surely?

I know OpenGL is a raster library :rolleyes:
but I need to export to PDF and print as vector graphics, thats why I mentioned GL2PS as a possible solution, but I wanted to know if there is something available on the Mac APIs (cocoa maybe?)…

Why? Just render the raster image at the resolution of the printer :stuck_out_tongue:

GL2PS is the only thing I know of that even attempts to turn OpenGL commands into vector graphics, and it’s seriously limited.

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